5 Positive Effects of Taking Creatine on Regular Basis

5 Positive Creatin

Everybody who puts effort into regular training and maintaining a diet would like to enjoy great shape and form and good well-being; foremost, they want to see the results of their efforts.

Gradual increase in training intensity brings results, but for the above-average effects, you need the above-average methods. One of them is taking creatine regularly. Creatine is a natural ingredient of meat and fish, but it’s impossible to fully satisfy the demand of the body, only the diet. A few grams of creatine taken regularly can provide excellent results, both for your efficiency and resilience, as well as for concentration and well-being.

Get to know five positive effects of creatine supplementation:

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1. Better concentration and stress resistance.

Creatine makes the brain work better, affects cognitive abilities and lets you keep your attention on a higher level. It indirectly influences training results, but thanks to it, you can handle your everyday issues easier, concentrate better and focus more closely on your goals. As a result of that, it can influence your better self-discipline in keeping the diet and regular training. Additionally, the better our concentration during the exercises, the more effective our effectiveness and technique. Creatine affects our memory skills. Thanks to that, you are less likely to forget about the training or prepare your meals for the next day.

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2. Hydrates the muscle and the whole organism

Creatine can transport water molecules, thanks to which it enables hydrating the muscles and the whole body more efficiently. Thanks to that, water is kept in our body for longer, and we can hydrate ourselves quicker by drinking liquids. That then makes our whole body function better and provides finer muscle condition. It’s worth remembering that water allows for adjusting the body temperature, prevents mucosal from drying, and increases blood flow to the brain. Creatine also favours water retention in the body, but this situation can occur only when we take more than 5 grams daily.

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3. Creatine reduces the fatigue level during training.

It’s thanks to dopamine biosynthesis. Creatine makes muscle fatigue smaller. This enables us to do more intense workouts with a more significant load and a higher number of repetitions during the specific series. It’s all the result of phosphocreatine, which supports muscles’ work during the effort. We can also observe the higher efficiency of our body during aerobic exercises, thanks to which we can allow ourselves more intense training.

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4. Greater growth of muscle mass.

Especially those of you who are training for body-building events or who want to gain above-average muscle mass can see the process of growing muscle volume slowing down. It’s thanks to myostatin, which regulates the level of muscle tissue. Creatine taken regularly can reduce the activity of myostatin, which will consequently lead to greater growth of muscles during training.

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5. Quicker and more efficient regeneration after training.

None of us likes fatigue or muscle cramps and soreness after exercise. Creatine taken regularly lets us regenerate better and quicker after intense strength training. It is worth taking it not only on the training days but also during the regeneration period of the body to accelerate the whole process.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your body, take care of your muscle mass growth, muscles hydration and regenerate quicker – creatine is an obligatory product within your supplements. Its additional advantage is that it can be taken any time during the day, before, after, or after the training. What is crucial here is that the supplementation is done regularly. You can find a wide range of products in our online and stationery stores.