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      Digestive Enzyme Supplements: Health Aid or Risk?

      Any product designed for digestive health problems should be prescribed by a doctor. Ultimately, self-medication can be riskier than you think.
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      Months of seemingly innocent self-medication can destroy your body’s inner balance and create problems, which it was supposed to heal. However, once they are approved by your doctor, they might help your body function better than ever.

      Our bodies generate thousands of chemicals designed with a purpose in mind. Without going any further, inside each of our cells (except for the red blood cells, which do not count) there is the information necessary to generate each one of the proteins making up our body, about 20,000 of them in total. On a much smaller scale, in addition to proteins, the human
      body also manufactures substances designed to allow certain functions, such as digestion, to take place. Lactase (designed to break down lactose – we would become lactose-intolerant without it), amylase, lipase, pepsin to name just a few. Each of these molecules is designed to break down larger molecules and allow the intestine to absorb smaller ones. Today, people often purchase such enzymes in the form of pills, which have been enjoying popularity in recent years.

      Are they legal?

      Completely. They are simply complex with some enzymes of the intestinal tract that are used in digestive function. In other words, they are completely safe as they are substances that our body is used to. This is why its regulation differs from herbal products. It is completely legal, and we can find them without any problems on the internet, but their price can reach 25 euros (for the bottle of 100 pills).

      Are they safe?

      Yes, they are normally produced in our body during digestion. They are not dangerous to health, and they do not pose any risk to the digestive tract. Of course, they should not be excessively consumed. An overdose would simply cause diarrhoea.

      Benefits of digestive enzymes

      For a normal, intact digestive system, with normal liver, biliary, stomach, intestinal and pancreatic function, these supplements would not be necessary. That is because, provided we have no health problems, our body is capable of processing each of the nutrients and foods that we consume. Such pills could be useful if our body is not generating the chemical compounds it needs.

      The real risk

      Pills are not a real problem, but their misuse is. Self-medication can be very dangerous and result in lasting health problems. Your seemingly ordinary problems might be symptoms of serious diseases, which cannot be fixed with the help of enzymes. This is exactly why it is important to consult the doctor to seek medical advice. Supplements do not heal
      diseases,and they cannot replace your doctor’s assistance. Your health is your most valuable asset and once you lose it, it might be difficult to regain it. Caution is always advised!