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    Thermogenic supplements
    What are thermogenic supplements?
    Losing weight and burning fat is something that concerns a large portion of the population, both athletes and non-athletes. Companies know this and to meet this need, many of them put out an infinite number of weight loss products. One of these products is called thermogenic supplements and below we will tell you what exactly they are, how they work and if it pays off to take them in order to reduce body fat.
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    We call any substance capable of increasing body temperature thermogenic. It is used to produce certain metabolic reactions that have to do with burning fat and reducing adipose tissue.
    Such a process is called thermogenesis. It focuses on generating heat through the ingestion of thermogenic foods or supplements capable of triggering the increase in temperature that will later cause that fat reduction.
    When the thermogenic action comes into play, a transformation of the calories, which come from body fat, into energy begins. In turn, metabolism is affected and the so-called metabolic rate is accelerated, differing from one person to another.
    Taking thermogenic supplements or foods with thermogenic properties does not guarantee weight loss. These products should be combined with the sports practice of anaerobic or cardio activities, which are the most appropriate to burn fat, as you already know.
    Besides, it should be added that not all thermogenic raise body temperature and affect fat burning. There are thermogenic appetite suppressants, diuretics, natural or synthetic. They can be considered fat burning products or focus more on their diuretic or appetite suppressing activity.
    Are thermogenic supplements good for weight loss?
    Any thermogenic substance will have an impact on metabolism, accelerating what is known
    as the basal metabolic rate, a parameter that is different for each person. Hence, there are people who lose weight faster or burn fat quicker than others, or even have difficulties in accumulating it. If you use them and exercise on a regular basis, you will have amazing results.
    Thermogenic supplements for men
    If you want to eliminate all the adipose tissue from your body and you are a man with a well-toned body or this is your aspiration, you may want to help yourself with fat burners. You don’t need to buy a supplement if you want to lose weight or burn body fat. The only necessity is a caloric deficit: eating less than what your body burns because, without it, you will not burn body fat.
    Thermogenic supplements for women
    Since there are a variety of brands and classes of thermogenic recommended for women, selecting the right one is essential, we must remember that the property of thermogenic is to raise body temperature by about one degree, an increase in temperature that we will feel when we complete our exercise routine or any physical activity.
    Thermogenics for women have to be specific because when it comes to losing fat, a woman’s body does not work the same as a man’s.
    Benefits of thermogenic supplements
    Increased metabolism and strengthening of defences
    A balanced diet is not enough to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. When on a diet plan, the body is out of balance due to the sudden change in nutritional regimen and the high demand for energy by the muscles when we exercise.
    Burn fat
    There are different kinds of supplements, each one depends on the goal we want to achieve. Certain are designed to help you gain muscle mass and others are meant specifically for weight loss. These powerful fat burners are also called thermogenic supplements. Their catalytic function allows them to burn fat accumulated in the body. Some even promote weight loss in localized areas such as the abdomen or thighs.
    Reduce appetite
    Another additional function of weight loss supplements is appetite reduction. By feeling satiated, we will feel less tempted to eat during the day. Since we are supplying our body with the protein it needs, we feel more balanced.