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      Competition Tan
      Why do bodybuilders tan for competition?
      They use it to achieve a more defined appearance. It is an optical effect, as it gives you up to 30% more muscular appearance so a good tan in a competition can determine if you win or lose. Tanned skin simply makes you look more fit.
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      Many bodybuilding athletes have no idea how to get a good tan for their competition and why it is so important. They train and diet because their career depends on it, but when it comes to tanning, many want the easiest or cheapest way. There’s not much time to spend getting into a tanning booth, going to the beach, or sitting by the pool just to get a tan. Anyone looks better with a good tan, but putting a person with almost no clothing under very bright lighting can result in extremely unflattering appearance.
      How to apply tan competition color?
      Tanned skin is the final touch you will give your body to compete. The tan is achieved thanks to a special dye for bodybuilders that darkens the skin and gives it a satin effect thanks to a glossy gel applied with the tanning dye minutes before the competition. Tanned skin brings out athletes’ shape and muscle definition, giving them a sculpted look.
      The tinting process cannot be taken lightly since there are certain parameters to follow to ensure both the beautiful tanning effects and compliance with regulations of the competitions. The right tan may bring you closer to winning the competition and audience’s hearts. The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to tanning!