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      Protein Bars

      What are protein bars?

      Protein bars are a comfortable and effective way to improve your protein intake. They have a smooth texture and are very filling. We can find them in various flavours, and they are a healthy snack to consume between main meals or after physical exercise.

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      Protein bars have always been linked to sports and increasing muscle mass, but this is not the only way we can use. Thanks to the feeling of satiety that they provide, protein bars reduce appetite. Did you know they can help in achieving a healthy weight?

      When to eat a protein bar?

      A simple answer to the question “when is the best time to eat a protein bar” is: after a workout. Studies have shown that consuming the small amounts of high-quality protein after exercising may be the most effective for your muscles. After a workout, the body needs amino acids to repair any exercise-induced muscle damage, as well as boost muscle growth.

      How many calories in a protein bar?

      Protein bars are practical to eat anywhere and are a healthy option compared to other types of snacks. They help us achieve the recommended daily protein amount, combat moments of anxiety or hunger and keep our metabolism active without incorporating fats.

      To choose a good bar that helps you meet your weight loss goal, Anytime Fitness specialist trainers recommend looking at:

        • Relatively low carbohydrates (less than 20g).
        • Fibre (soluble is better -5g).
        • Protein, not soy (no more than 30g).
        • Fat (less than 10g).
        • Nutritional value (between 150 and 250 calories).
        • Sugars (-20g).
        • Sodium (180 mg).

      Also prevent the main ingredients from being:

        • Isolated soy protein and soy lecithin.
        • High fructose and sucralose corn syrup.
        • Sugar alcohols (erythritol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, isomalt, maltitol, and hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate).
        • Inulin.
        • Soluble corn fibre.

      Q: Are protein bars good for losing weight?

      A: The consumption of protein bars is highly recommended for helping you to lose weight because they can easily satiate your sugar cravings.
      Before integrating them into your diet plan, it’s worth consulting a nutrition professional to determine the right amount for your health and needs.

      Q: Are protein bars filling?

      A: No, they aren’t, they will only help with your post-workout cravings. These bars don’t replace any food.

      Q: Are protein bars keto?

      A: Not all protein bars are keto, so you have to be careful when choosing the product.

      Q: Are protein bars good for diabetics?

      A: Of course! It’s important that we pay attention to sugar, so we can choose low-sugar bars (in order to satisfy diabetics’ needs)

      Q: Is protein good for weight gain?

      A: They won’t help you so if you really want to weight gain you should think about a supplement.

      Q: Is protein bad for weight loss?

      A: Proteins can be a great help in losing weight, as they help to control your food cravings, burn more calories for digestion, and preserve muscle mass.

      Diet protein bars make great cheat protein bars for desperate times when you want to satisfy your cravings for sweets without consuming too many calories.