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      Blend Protein Powder

      What’s the protein blend powder and how does it affect your training progress? In general, protein powders are used to maximize training progress and speed up body recovery. The protein powder combines at least two different types of proteins, for example, whey protein with egg whites. [showhide type=”post” more_text=”Show more text” less_text=”Hide text”]Each type of protein has its own properties and it’s digested at a different pace. Whey protein is a great source of Leucine, which promotes muscle building, and wound healing. Egg whites are rich in amino acids, which prevent fatigue and boost muscle growth, and Cysteine, which encourage fast exercise recovery. Whey protein’s digested faster than egg whites, so protein blend powders allow us to get the best of both worlds, and maximize health benefits. What’s more, protein blend powders are excellent supplements supporting natural body recovery processes, as they encourage the continuous realize of proteins during the daytime to help our bodies regain their strength and rebuild themselves. Since protein blend powders combine different protein profiles, they can fulfil a wide range of needs and support various body processes. With protein blend powders, you can tailor your proteins to your specific training goals.