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      Vegan Protein Powder

      Do you take protein, feel bloated or have a stomach ache? Maybe you should choose to include a vegan protein in your regimen, which, in general, are free of lactose, soy, gluten and are easily digestible. It is not a dietary fad — some brands have listened to the comments and suggestions of their consumers, and have developed products that fulfil the function of a supplement without causing additional discomfort.

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      What you should know about vegan protein:

      • Both regular and vegan protein powders stimulate the muscle.
      • The results are usually similar. In a study applied to 24 athletes — divided into two equal parts — the effect of post-training supplementation with 48g of whey protein and 48g of rice protein was compared. In both cases, the athletes would diet and do their strength training three times a week for two months.
      • In the end, the results were evaluated and in both cases, there was an improvement in their body composition, without significant differences in both groups.

      This study goes against the belief that animal protein may have greater biological value since it contains essential amino acids.

      What is vegan protein?

      Vegan protein powder is a dietary supplement that is normally used as a supplement to meet the protein needs, either due to a dietary requirement, to replenish energy, avoid muscle depletion (this is the loss of mass) or, on the contrary, to increase it in athletes.

      What is a vegan protein made of?

      As its name implies, this type of supplement is derived from plant sources such as peas, soybeans, amaranth or rice.

      Did you know that the excessive consumption of meat contributes 51 per cent to the emission of greenhouse gases? There are alternatives to cover nutritional needs and have a more sustainable planet. In this article, we will see the benefits of consuming vegan proteins.

      Benefits of vegan protein powder

      • It is an excellent alternative for people who are allergic to whey protein (casein).
      • Ideal for those who lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.
      • It may be a better option for people who have digestion problems.
      • It contains little fat and it is full of unsaturated fats.
      • Control cholesterol
      • They maintain healthy intestinal flora thanks to its high fibre content.

      Why do we need adequate protein intake? Proteins are necessary to build and repair muscles, skin, organs, and blood cells, and are involved in the formation of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Including protein-rich foods at each meal helps us stay full longer between meals. Since protein helps build muscle, we might assume that animal-based foods such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy are the best sources of protein. However, we can also obtain protein from plants and there are very good reasons to include more vegan protein in our weekly menu.

      The protein requirement in the population varies from 0.8 – 1 g / day, while in the case of athletes it ranges from 1.2-2 g / day, so this type of supplement can be used to complement their protein intake and reach the daily requirement.

      This type is ideal for almost any lifestyle: from vegans to high-performance athletes.

      • In general, they do not contain chemicals, artificial colours or flavours, plus they are gluten and soy-free (here you should check each brand individually).
      • Moreover, they are usually lactose-free, which makes them ideal for those who are intolerant to this compound.
      • They tend to be easy to digest.

      It is important to note that vegan protein is not only suitable for people who lead a vegan lifestyle, but it is also perfect for anyone who wants to reduce the consumption of animal-source foods.

      Remember that a healthy diet is essential for our health but it should not be something that requires a lot of effort and time. That is why WHOST Vegan Protein is perfect: in addition to having the most delicious taste in the world, the nutrients it provides are essential for your nutrition.

      The goal is to reduce the impact that livestock has on the planet and improve the nutritional profile of your diet.