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      Joint & Bone Health Supplements
      Thanks to the joints, our skeleton is not a rigid structure and it allows us to walk, run, and move. This mobility is possible due to two elements: cartilage, which is the smooth, slippery and very resistant surface in the opposite of bones, and synovial fluid, responsible for providing nutrients to the cartilage and lubricating it to allow the joint to play with minimal friction.
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      However, ageing, being overweight, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can take their toll on our joints. The synovial fluid is no longer rich in nutrients and loses its effect, so the cartilage can progressively deteriorate until it disappears and leaves a joint where the bones brusquely rub against each other. That is what we call osteoarthritis.
      To prevent this wear and tear of our joints, first of all, we must not overload them, maintain a healthy weight and substitute impact sports such as running or tennis with others such as cycling or swimming.
      On the other hand, we can include supplements in the diet that will help us improve the quality of the synovial fluid and the condition of the cartilage.
      “Shark cartilage” was used in the beginning, but today our knowledge of components with a beneficial effect on the joints and their appropriate doses is greater than ever, and we can improve our joints’ health more easily than ever.
      The best bone health supplements should include

      Chondroitin sulfate
      It is an important component of cartilage, which helps in its construction and repair. It is found naturally in the body, but its amount can decrease as we age.
      Glucosamine sulfate
      It is similar to the previous one, and in fact, both of them are usually combined in a prolonged and uninterrupted way. Scientific studies have shown that they ease pain in damaged joints.
      It is generally extracted from an animal or shark cartilage, so despite a very “chemical” name, it is natural. Although it is very safe, pregnant or lactating women, children, and patients taking blood-thinning medications should all avoid it.
      Hyaluronic acid
      It is a substance that is found naturally in our body, for example in the cartilage or the skin itself (hence why it is famous in aesthetic medicine). Over the years, the presence of this substance decreases considerably, so that, when it is reintroduced, it produces great results.
      Bone Supplement Benefits

      Can improve skin health
      Helps to relieve joint pain
      Could prevent bone loss
      Hair and Nails: Taking collagen can strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking. In addition, it can stimulate the growth of your hair and nails.
      Brain Health: No studies have examined how collagen supplements boost brain health. However, some people report that their mood has improved and that their anxiety symptoms have decreased.
      Weight Loss – Some believe that taking collagen supplements can help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism.
      The effects of oral glucosamine on joint health: is a change in research approach needed?
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      Nutraceuticals as therapeutic agents in osteoarthritis. The role of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen hydrolysate