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How to suppress hunger – 10 tips


When we do not have a balanced eating plan, which is very common in the famous “express diets”, which limit diet to certain foods for a certain amount of time, our body stops receiving calories, which are necessary to function well.

Feeling hungry prevents you from losing weight, but the feeling of hunger itself is not always real, as we might feel hungry having already eaten. Dr Beltrán shares the best tricks to stop overeating and control your food cravings.
When we are dieting or trying to follow a weight maintenance plan, it is normal that the biggest challenge we face is controlling hunger between meals. Food cravings between meals could destroy our plans, so we must keep them under control.

The feeling of hunger that we experience between meals has two main causes: firstly, it is possible that the diet we are following cannot satiate our needs.

If you want to control your weight without great sacrifices, here are some tips that will help you control your hunger and follow your dietary plan.

Large cutlery and small plates

When does your brain decide that you are full? You’ll be surprised. According to a study by the University of Utah (USA), there is a lag between the time when your brain receives the signal “I have eaten enough” and when your stomach is full. How to fix it? Help your brain focus on external elements, such as your plate. If you eat your cookies on a big plate, you are more likely to eat fewer of them.

One hour of natural light

Several studies have shown that just one more hour of natural light reduces the need for caloric foods as light increases serotonin production. Stay outside a little longer to lower your appetite!

Eating hot fills

Try to eat warm or slightly warm. Hot foods send more satiety signals to the brain than cold foods, so try starting your meals with a cup of homemade fat-free broth, which will satiate your initial appetite and prevent you from overeating later. Pro-tip: drink your protein shake without putting it in the fridge to maximise its benefits!

Artificial flavours are a trap

Empty calories and artificial flavours, such as the famous monosodium glutamate are your worst enemies. Monosodium glutamate is added to food (sauces, chips, etc.) to increase its flavour, but if eaten excessively, it can cause voracious hunger. That is why french fries are best eaten homemade.

The amazing trick with the glass of water

As we confuse hunger with thirst, it is worth drinking water, whenever you want to have a snack. This way you will be more hydrated and perhaps you will discover that, after all, it was not hunger, but thirst.

Enjoy the rich flavours of your food

Did you know that according to several studies, dishes, which smell deliciously, help you eat less? Their smell contributes to reducing your appetite. Spice up your food more and when you eat it, stop for a moment to enjoy its aroma. Enjoy your candy bar’s flavour while you eat it!

Trick your brain by brushing your teeth

It’s been 30 minutes since you’ve eaten and the image of that chocolate that you have kept for later begins to haunt you… does it sound familiar? It’s your traitorous brain. Fool him by brushing your teeth. The mint flavour will take away your sweet tooth.

Do not take sweeteners

Excessive use of sweeteners can increase your appetite, according to various studies. The problem is that they are in countless products, and we lose track of the amounts of sweeteners that we eat per day. Start by taking your coffee without sweeteners, and then try to choose protein bars with very few or no sweeteners.

When you get home

Although we may be very tired, when we return home, it is better to workout a little to regain energy. A little protein shake will go a long way and your body will be grateful once you exercise.

Befriend chocolate not to overeat after meals

Finish main meals with chocolate. This will increase the production of serotonin and save you from overeating. You can try a protein bar or a shake with a little bit of chocolate or other healthy snacks.

Follow these tips and you’ll see a difference!