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      Levrone Signature Series Signature Series of supplements store Fit Cookie UK

      Born in the USA, Kevin Levrone is one of the 1990s bodybuilding legends. His career was a streak of prestigious victories, as he won the record 23 pro shows, going down in the history of bodybuilding.

      His bodybuilding adventure began in 1991 when he ranked number one in the NPC Finals, marking the beginning of his long career. Kevin’s bodybuilding journey is the story of resilience: when he was severely injured in 1993, many thought he would never return to the competition, but he proved everybody wrong, quickly recovering his strength. He placed second at Mr. Olympia, the prestigious bodybuilding competition, four times, earning himself a nickname of “The Uncrowned King of Mr. Olympia”. Having competed in 68 IFBB Professional contests both in the USA and Europe, he built a powerful athletic legacy, inspiring people to aspire for more and push themselves harder. Levrone stopped competing in 2003, but he never officially announced his retirement, saying that he simply wished to find other challenges in life. His bodybuilding career was put on the hold until he returned to the competition in 2016 at the age of 51, and with just 5 months of preparation, he still placed 17th.

      During his career, he was praised for his incredible ability to train quickly and intensely, as he lived by the words: intensity builds immensity. His drive to constantly improve himself, matched with his incredible work ethic, made him one of the bodybuilding icons. To put years of his bodybuilding experience to good use, he launched his Kevin Levrone signature series of supplements for anyone, whose goal is to build strength and gain muscles. With knowledge of the bodybuilding process, he set out to create products that would combine high quality with excellent efficiency. Kevin Levrone supplements are made with Kevin’s full engagement, as he is immersed in the development of his production line, making sure that used formulas can fully address the needs of bodybuilders.

      Kevin Levrone’s products are gaining global popularity and can be purchased either by his website or partner stores in Macedonia, Sweden, Lithuania, and The United Kingdom. His store has also official branches in Dubai and India, attracting the attention of many bodybuilding communities. His Black Line of supplements is targeted at athletes and highly active people, who want to redefine limits of their own bodies. Designed to boost strength, endurance, and energy levels, Levron’s products combine scientific research with effective, high-quality ingredients. The popular Black Line includes:

      • Levro Black Line Anabolic Prime Pro 908 g
      • Anabolic Double Impact
      • Anabolic Mass 3000 g
      • Anabolic Pro-Blend 5
      • Scatterbrain
      • EAA
      • Levro Black Line Anabolic Prime Pro 2 kg
      • Anabolic PM Protein
      • BCAA Defender

      Kevin’s mission is to inspire the next generations of bodybuilders, so his supplements are produced to drive actual results, encourage bodybuilding progress, and spark enthusiasm.